The term Passivhaus refers to a low energy construction standard developed by Dr. Wolfgang Fiest of the Passivhaus Institut Germany. The core focus of the Passivhaus standard is to dramatically reduce the requirement for space heating and cooling, while also creating excellent indoor comfort levels. 

The goal for Harrington Construction is to make Passive House design principles economical to accomplish.  By driving out waste and leveraging our strategic business partnerships we believe that we can produce high performance homes for competitive prices.



High performance custom homes in Northern Colorado.

Performance Drivers:               

  • Comprehensive energy modeling during Passive House design process.
  • Double Stud Wall framing system.
  • Eliminates thermal bridging
  • Achieves insulation values 300% greater than modern industry standard.
  • High performance Alpen windows
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation: Air Pohoda
    Meticulous attention to Air Sealing details.
  • Approximately 10 times tighter than modern industry standard.
  • Direct Solar Gains.
  • Balanced with windows and overhangs to provide heat during the winter months and cutoff during the summer months to stay cool. 


Passive House Standard 

The most energy efficient design standard in the world 

Harrington Construction focuses on the true energy performance of a home. By building to the Passive House Standard our projects emphasize superior insulation, air sealing, and optimize solar energy gains. The result is minimized energy consumption with a remarkably simple and elegant home.